Welcome to M. Silber Design! If you’re looking for a professional graphic artist who is easy to work with, and has the experience to provide great graphic design, illustration and marketing expertise, you’ve come to the right place! My award-winning artwork has been recognized for excellence by the Missouri Press Association (first place editorial illustration 2011 and 2015), appeared in 2D Artist (2009), and has been seen throughout America and around the world in numerous games, publications, books and more! Below are just some of the exciting projects I’ve had the privilege of working on (samples of artwork can be viewed in the tabs above).

Marketing Design: From magazine layout to flyers, logo designs, posters, social media campaigns, websites, writing, video and so much more – no project is too big or too small for me to help deliver the results you’re looking for. In addition to working for 15 years as a graphic artist and social media strategist in the corporate world, I’ve also helped meet the graphic design needs of the following (more samples can be viewed in the Marketing and Digital Marketing tabs above):

  • Hamby Dairy Supply (logo, manuals, website, photography)
  • The Reformed Herald (publication design 2014)
  • Platte County Landmark (editorial cartoons, writing, historical illustrations)
  • Platte County Historical Society (board member and graphic artist)
  • Northland Career Center (Photoshop Instructor)

Game Artwork: The list below represents some of the game developers I’ve worked with in providing artwork (samples can be viewed in the game illustration tab above):

  • Clever Mojo Games (Oubliette, Ogre Castle)
  • Clever Mojo ipod Games (Jin Li, Taiji)
  • Critical Press Media (Opposing Forces)
  • Xbox Live Indie Game (Total Miner)
  • Playstation Vita Indie Game (On Call)

Book illustration: The list below represents some of the books I’ve provided illustrations for (samples can be viewed in the book illustration tab above):

  • Platte County History Illustrated (70 page Graphic Novel)
  • Alec and Morp: Adventures in Imagination (Children’s Book)
  • Scythe: Demon Hunter, Tommy Davis (Cover illustration)

Contact and Quote Info: If you have a project of any size you’d like to see brought to life, I’d enjoy talking and working with you! E-mail: ganarus35 (at) gmail (dot) com