Videos – Hamby Dairy Supply Video (below): This video was created for Hamby Dairy Supply in order to highlight their upcoming video contest.


Clockwork Beetle (below): A steampunk beetle opens to reveal pistons, moving gears, and a pulsating engine! Original Artwork created in illustrator and animated in Anime Studio.


Future City Animation Test (below): Envisioning a video intro for a cyberpunk game level, I created this in photoshop with multiple layered files exported and animated in Anime Studio. The clip features a businessman drinking a cup of coffee while looking out over a futuristic city.


Space Game Intro (below): Envisioning an intro to a sci-fi space game, I created artwork in photoshop and animated it utilizing Anime Studio. The clip features animated text effects, rolling asteroids, wrecked ships and a shattered planet.


Animated Christmas Card (below): Unfortunately, I do not have the animated video for this project. However, it was an elaborate animated Christmas greeting set to the tune of “Carol of the Bells”. The video, was comprised of several illustrated layers (which I created to lend to the animated effect). Each layer slowly rose upwards to give a pop-up-book effect, while snow slowly fell.



Animated banner ads and graphics – The below animations are examples of banner ads and other eye-catching graphics designed according to the specifications of various freelance clients. (note: below images may require clicking on to view animation)






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