animatedWelcome to my online art and design portfolio. Please click on any of the tabs above to view a selection of some of the various marketing materials, illustrations, and more that I’ve had the privilege of working on over the years.

As an artist, I’ve sought to grow my abilities through learning from others, observing the ever-changing world around me, and working to distill ideas down to their most meaningful form. Countless people, life experiences, environments and media have encouraged my love of design, illustration and writing. This passion for taking ideas, giving them life, and sending them forth into the world to be enjoyed influences much of what I do today. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology with a Graphic Arts emphasis allows me to look at the creative processes of a wide variety of artistic endeavors with a unique, technology focused perspective.

While I owe much of my artistic development to my formal education, I also have avidly sought to grow my abilities through the taking on of many personal works, freelance projects and volunteer design efforts through the community. Some of these include the writing and illustration of children’s books (including the popular Platte County History Illustrated Graphic Novel), award winning cartoons (through the Missouri Press Association), brochures, How-to booklets, flyers, board game design, ipod game graphics, xbox live game artwork, logo design, posters, and commissioned artwork. If you have a project of any size you’d like to see brought to life, I’d enjoy talking and working with you!

Contact: ganarus35 (at) gmail (dot) com